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Our patrons and partners help us sustain our research and mission to document people and places. We thank them for their belief and support.


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What shapes a space into a 'place' ?

the 'people'

... who live, build, dream, negotiate - forming all the histories and cultures of the city/place


The People Place Project is an initiative to chronicle the NOW- the life and times we live in. Through a lens of people, we hope to pin together the narrative of how we have come to be here - our language, our thoughts, our attire, our structures - everything that defines us. We like to call it a mapping project - exploring  a city/place  with the stories of the people. 


Often in our busy lives, seldom do we have moments of pause - where we reflect on our immediate surroundings and listen to  the beautiful stories that surround us. These personal narratives, that we have missed  are often not so personal after all. Layers of all our stories fall into the compartments of a collective narrative forming the history and the socio-political story of the place. The People Place Project works in this premise, bringing forth multiple hitherto unknown stories thus providing a re-reading of the place and world we inhabit. 


Our model works on crowd-sourcing the stories of the People. And often these stories are found in the most unusual places-in a local commute, plush office lobbies, market places and so on. Also the volunteers and writers/authors who work for us passionately explore the cities/places to dicover these amazing people and write about them. We share them with you as published books and e-books. ( available in all leading book stores and online portals)


Started in 2014, with our first title People Called Mumbai, the project now aims to travel across the prime cities of India and the globe. Currently we are exploring at  Ahmedabad and Kochi. A series of workshops, walk throughs and various brainstorming sessions help us collate what to write about. 


To keep your self updated, follow our activities.


Eventually, the Project will travel through cities of the world to unravel fresh individual narratives that add to the whole. 


Moreover for all of us working on the project, meeting the People and knowing a city/place through them has been the most inspiring take-away. The publications are a way to share the experience.

If you wish to join us there are various capacities in which you too can  


To know more about the events and processes of our ongoing curatorial projects, click below and be updated by our blog.

People Called Kashmir

March 6, 2020

Story so far.....

February 10, 2020

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