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Our patrons and partners help us sustain our research and mission to document people and places. We thank them for their belief and support.


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Nets were plunged into the boat. A human silhouette, all by itself, was seen sprinting along the Worli coast of Mumbai, preparing himself for the catch. The sea was in high spirits. At the crack of dawn, the boat was unmoored.He was on a mission to grab the gold. There...

June 1, 2015

  The post production saw an infinite gush of interesting activities. The book launch on 14th January, 2015 was held at THE HIVE and was attended by a solid strength of 230. The HIVE being written about in the book was highly upheld. The ‘people’ of Mumbai, then travel...

February 4, 2015





The ‘people’ of Mumbai travelled to Istanbul. At INTCESS - International Conference on Education and Social Sciences an intense presentation on People Called Mumbai took place. The presentation commenced with PIXELS – a video that depicted the making of the publica...

February 1, 2015

A compilation of 55 stories about Mumbai and Mumbaikars!

January 2, 2015

People Called Mumbai – was a compilation of the chosen moments that gently swayed in the Mumbai’s air but had the strength to freeze the gazer in its time and place. The publication was a compilation of 55 narratives that mapped the city breaking the barriers of occupa...