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Our patrons and partners help us sustain our research and mission to document people and places. We thank them for their belief and support.


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   "Basically it's a long story," says Fawan a.k.a. Amaze, a professional rap artist, in reference to his music journey. Doning a military cap to match his military pants coupled with his nonchalant stance, he exudes style and a hep attitude. His black T-shirt has the...

Swarming along the sands, untainted waves broke themselves along the shore. The sky was filled with a riot of orange, yellow, pink, purple and the crescent on the west side gave way to the looming night. The landscape was relaxed by a gray stroke of crows heading homew...




Home is where heart is!


A global rock star, Clince Varghese, after 24 years still has his heart set on the far stretched, uninterrupted green farms, narrow meandering kaccha roads, virgin beaches and strong mesmerizing odor of freshly dried fish... his own Vasai gao...

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