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Our patrons and partners help us sustain our research and mission to document people and places. We thank them for their belief and support.


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Reva and Suresh were resting on the sands of Juhu beach slurping the green, pink, orange juice of the

‘gola’. Neha, their eight year old daughter was occupied in embedding the orange colored paper flag and

pebble ‘tof’ (cannon) on the ‘Sinhagad’ that she had just made....


Laid back on a couch on his twenty feet long hall of this office, Sachin Sharma re-counts his decade in

Mumbai. The founder member and partner of Culture Opus, has a studio that creates hair-
raising stimulations, ear-splitting stories and eye-popping illustrations. Wo...


   "Basically it's a long story," says Fawan a.k.a. Amaze, a professional rap artist, in reference to his music journey. Doning a military cap to match his military pants coupled with his nonchalant stance, he exudes style and a hep attitude. His black T-shirt has the...


Mrs Mahadeshwar tottered her way through the freshly moistened red soil of the ground in front of

the Taraporewala aquarium with a group of sixty odd children dressed in red and brown school uniform.

It was mid-july. Wary of her bright green cotton sari that stood contr...