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At the 'happy' street


I arrived at Ahmedabad only to be welcomed by the strong smell of the signature 'chai'. The modern city  that was burning at 40 degree centigrade was moving towards a more convenient mode of transport - Uber. With this newly upsurging mode of transport, I arrived at the Happy Street. It was pre-decided that I would be visiting the event at  C.G. Road. The crowd bursting with energy walked, danced, cycled, sprinted all along the road. As I walked down the lengths of the road I spotted people doing everything just the way they wanted to. Cycles were moving, kids were playing badminton, families were having breakfast while a few artists were painting, sketching and taking pictures. The students of HILC, Ahmedabad were 'donating' earthen pots to take back home which would then act as a 'birdbath' or a 'bird-feeder' in the hot summer days. It was like a day-club. Here I conducted an exercise to know the city better.

1. Which is your favorite place in Ahmedabad?

2. What is your best memory associated with the city?

  • A photographer -  Kavisha:

  • Sabarmati River front.

  • The casual walks that I take in the city and I end up capturing few of the best moments.

  • Golu's Creation - Forum:

  • Sabarmati River Front.

  • This day today because this is the first time I displayed my stall at Happy Street and I am sold-out from the handmade chocolates.

  • KarunaKare, cancer survivor - Ushakant Shah:

  • The pols and museums in the old city

  • My wife and my organization that would not have flourished had it not been in Ahmedabad

  • Migrant architecture student - Maharaja:

  • Irani cafe at old city, because I met most of my friends there for the first time

  • My every day at CEPT

  • Mrs. Patel:

  • Kankaria Lake because that is one place that my kids enjoy the most.

  • I am born and brought up in Ahmedabad, I cannot name one.

  • Roma:

  • I come from dubai every summer for 2 months to 'relax' in Ahmedabad with my Nani. Because there is nothing to do here.


I hailed to an auto and began one of the most vivid conversations of my trip. In the seamless city where one would imagine 'gujarathi' as one community, here was a highlighting the submerged line of economic divide by stating that he would never attend an event such as 'Happy Street'.


Janki Shah, a survivor of the hijacked flight at Karachi, she has now established 'Samvedana' - an NGO and school for children.

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The People Place Project is an initiative to chronicle the life and times we live in. Through a lens of people and places, we hope to pin together the narrative of how we have come to be here - our language, our thoughts, our attire, our structures - everything that defines us. The Project will travel through cities of the world to unravel fresh individual narratives that add to the whole. Started in 2014 under the title People Called Mumbai, the project now aims to travel across the prime cities of India and the globe. 


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