Let's build a kinder world with stories

Mumbai, kolkata, ahmedabad

Don’t we all love a good story? We have stories all around us- in the cities we live and the places we make... Aren't we all a part of this story? 

When was the last time you paused and listened to these stories around you? The stories of the city... The stories of you and me...

The Sunday Stories Society is an initiative by The People Place Project in association with The Secret Passages to further consciousness about our human and environmental habitat through Storytelling.

We promise to meet you every fourth Sunday of the month!


Storyteller - Priyanka Chatterjee

Venue - Tribe Cafe 


Storyteller - Geetanjali Shetty Kaul

Venue - Leaping Windows, Versova


Storyteller - Yogita Ahuja

Venue - Grill'd 'n' More

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The People Place Project is an initiative that explores text as a tool of place-making and foster a spirit of city consciousness. The publications are a way to share the experience.


Our patrons and partners help us sustain our research and mission. We thank them for their belief and support.

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